Esko Keski-Vakkuri, University Lecturer

Photograph of Esko Keski-Vakkuri
MSc: University of Helsinki
PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Currently lecturing: Fysiikan matemaattiset menetelm├Ąt IIa & IIb (Mathematical Methods of Physics IIa & IIb)
Fysiikan matemaattiset menetelm├Ąt III (Mathematical Methods of Physics III)

Scientific interests: Keski-Vakkuri’s main research interests are issues related to gravity and string theory, such as quantum physics in systems with gravitational singularities (black holes, big bang) and the correspondence of gravity and gauge theories (AdS/CFT duality). Currently he is studying duality as a new framework for models of strongly coupled condensed matter and quark-gluon matter systems.

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Office: Physicum C322
Tel.: +358 2941 50680
Personal homepage: