Fundamental aspects of quantum field and gauge theories and gravity

In Helsinki, active research is conducted also on fundamental aspects of quantum field and gauge theories, including gravity. Current research topics of the group of Dr. Anca Tureanu and Prof. Emer. Masud Chaichian include:

  • Space-time symmetries, CPT invariance, spin-statistics theorem and Lorentz invariance and their violation
  • Quantum and gauge field theories on noncommutative space-time, including noncommutative gravity
  • Color confinement and asymptotic freedom
  • Quantum field theoretical description of the Casimir-Polder effect of atoms with graphene
  • Modified gravitational theories as alternative to dark matter and dark energy
  • Quantum corrections to Bekenstein-Hawking black hole entropy and gravity partition functions
  • Models of grand unification with mirror/shadow worlds and their implications to cosmology

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