Postdoctoral researcher in cosmology

The Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) at the University of Helsinki
invites applications for two postdoctoral fellowships in cosmology and
particle astrophysics/dark matter starting in 2015.

The research profile of HIP combines particle physics and cosmology.
Cosmology staff include Kari Enqvist, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Syksy
Räsänen and (part-time) Mark Hindmarsh. Particle physics theory staff include Katri Huitu, Oleg Lebedev,
Kari Rummukainen and Kimmo Tuominen. We work closely with the Division of
Particle Physics and Astrophysics at the Department of Physics, including
with the astrophysics groups of Peter Johansson and Alexis Finoguenov.
Staff at HIP and the Department of Physics includes members of the Planck
and Euclid missions, the COSMOS and SDSS surveys and the LHC experiments

The positions are funded by HIP and by the Academy of Finland. The
appointments are for two years, with a possible extension for a third year,
depending on performance and funding. The usual starting date is October
1, but earlier appointment is possible. The salary is about 40 000
euros/year, plus funds for travel expenses.

The deadline for applications and recommendation letters (December 15)
has now passed.

Enquiries can be made to Kimmo Tuominen.