Postdoctoral positions in high energy theory

We anticipate the opening of up to 4 two- and three-year postdoctoral positions in theoretical high energy physics at the Helsinki Institute of Physics and the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki in 2019. The starting date of the positions is negotiable, and can vary between January 1 and November 1 of next year.

The positions will be associated with the Academy of Finland and ERC funded research groups of Prof. Kari Rummukainen, Mark Hindmarsh and Associate Prof. Aleksi Vuorinen. Preference will be given to applicants with backgrounds in one or several of the following fields:
-Early Universe phase transitions
-Gravitational wave cosmology
-Lattice field theory
-Neutron star physics
-Perturbative thermal field theory

Interested qualified applicants, who will have completed their PhD degree by the end of 2019, are asked to upload their applications through the link
The applications should contain a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and a brief research statement, all merged into one single pdf file. The applicants should also arrange for three recommendation letters to be uploaded through
NOTE: The recommendations can be uploaded only after the applicant has submitted their application and provided the applicant code to the referees.

The deadline for the applications and recommendations is November 30, or until the positions
are filled.

For any inquiries regarding the above positions, please contact either Kari Rummukainen (, Mark Hindmarsh ( or Aleksi Vuorinen ( via email.

The University of Helsinki and the Helsinki Institute of Physics form the largest research center in theoretical particle physics and cosmology in Finland, with 11 faculty members and 13 postdocs working in the field. For more information, see and