Syksy Räsänen, University Researcher

Photograph of Syksy RäsänenMSc: University of Helsinki
PhD: University of Helsinki

Past and current lecture courses
Cosmology I
Cosmology II
Suhteellisuusteorian perusteet (Basics of the theory of relativity)
Kvanttifysiikan perusteet (Basics of quantum physics)
Fysiikkaa runoilijoille (Physics for poets)
General relativity
Fysiikan matemaattiset menetelmät Ia ja Ib (Mathematical methods for physicists Ia and Ib)

Scientific interests: My main research topics at the moment are the effect of cosmological structure formation on the expansion of the universe and on light propagation, and Higgs inflation. I am interested in the backreaction conjecture, according to which structure formation would lead to the observed larger expansion rate and longer distances without the need for dark energy or modified gravity. Other research topics past and present include the cosmic microwave background, dark energy, magnetogenesis, tests of homogeneity and isotropy, string gas cosmology and the ekpyrotic scenario. I am a member of the Euclid consortium.

Publications from INSPIRE

Office: Physicum C326
Tel.: +358 2941 51012