Syksy Räsänen, University Researcher

Photograph of Syksy RäsänenMSc: University of Helsinki
PhD: University of Helsinki

Currently lecturing: Cosmology I
Cosmology II
Suhteellisuusteorian perusteet (Basics of the theory of relativity)
Kvanttifysiikan perusteet (Basics of quantum physics)

Scientific interests: My main research topic at the moment is the effect of cosmological structure formation on the expansion of the universe and on light propagation. I am interested in the backreaction conjecture, according to which structure formation would lead to the observed larger expansion rate and longer distances without the need for dark energy or modified gravity. I also currently work on tests of homogeneity and isotropy, the cosmic microwave background and inflation. Past research topics include dark energy, string gas cosmology and the ekpyrotic scenario. I am a member of the Euclid consortium.

Publications from INSPIRE

Office: Physicum C326
Tel.: +358 2941 51012